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The off season adventures of Sam and Flic

Camp Sweat & Nonsense: Day 3


Swim day. Oh no. Not our favourite. But on go the trisuits. In goes a sharp intake of breath and we head down to the beach. And so the excuses begin. First off. The waves are too big and dangerous. Second. There’s rocks so we can’t even get in the water. Third. There’s no other idiots swimming. Ah, bollox. There’s some people. Hmmm. Fourth? Windsurfers and kitesurfers might decapitate us? Right. Let’s just do this. We almost rode up a mountain with absolutely no fuel. We can do a little swim in the sea surely.

And there it is. The first of many sightings of nakedness today that we really don’t need to see.

Right. In we get. Slowest race start EVER. Cue one or two girly squeals, mainly from Sam.
Eventually we get going. No bashing into each other, which is an improvement. Water clear, not entirely warm and not entirely flat but we swim for what feels like a long time. In fact it’s probably only 5 mins. Stop. Chat. Keep going. Stop. Turn around. Go back. Hard to know how far you’ve gone when you don’t know times and there’s no real distance markers. We’ve had enough so easily talk ourselves out of the water and back to the apartment for a second breakfast and some competitive sunbathing.

Competitive sunbathing is actually competitive wind resisting. Covered in goose pimples as the wind makes the 22 degree heat feel like minus 5. We battle on though. A race is a race.

Big run of the day coming up so the sun (wind) bathing has to come to an end at midday.

Shorts on, trainers on and out we go. No racing today, 90 minute run. Steady Eddie. Lovely gentle run out to Montaña Roja. Then it’s time to climb. Being us, we find the steepest elevation and start scrambling up that. It’s not advisable to do a run on loose volcanic rock in your Nike Frees. Not awesome for grippage but at least our feet are working hard. Get almost to the top and see a track. Ah. Carry on up it to the top. Awesome views. Decide to do hill reps. Down the track we go. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee. All the way to the bottom. Turn around. This will be easier than the scramble. Off we set. Ooh this is fun. Ah. Actually this is hard. Legs don’t work. Hmmm. Pause. Giggle. Pull ourselves together then push on up. Hurrah! Down we go again, weaving in and out of hikers. Getting a bit busy so we carry on off road exploring. And boy oh boy do we see some sights. Quite by accident. Honest. First off is the brownest of bottoms hidden away in a little cove. We take a pic. Busted. Giggles must carry in the wind! Run on. Sam face plants. Obviously distracted thinking back to the naked man. On we run. Ooh this is nice. Flat. Ah. Sand. Ouch. Run a bit more. Turn around. Holy moly wind. Can. Not. Move. Struggle on. Arggghhhh. Our eyes. Another naked man. This time a massive Buddha style chap, luckily for us just about covering his bits. Run on. Arghhhhh. Naked old man. Sam gets a full frontal. Flic gets the saggy behind. Note to selves: Do not run through naturist beach again.

To calm our nerves from all the nakedness (we’re terribly innocent after all) we decide we better do a bit more sunbathing. Not a great deal of sun on the roof though and even less that is out of the wind but we find a tiny slither that is sheltered. Not enough room to sit or lie so Flic being the pro tanner she is stands up against the wall pretending she’s lying down. Genius.

Sunbathe and faff for a bit then it’s time for a strength session. Flic’s specialism. Find a kids playground. Boot the kids out and then get to work.

Warm up with mobility, balance and dynamic stretching. One of us is good at this. The other looks either like your dad at the school disco or someone having a mild epileptic fit.

Quite a lot of these involve bending forward and sticking your ass out which Flic potentially should not being doing in a kid’s playground in the ridiculously short shorts she has on.

Then it’s on to the main set. Five trisets of lower, upper then core exercises using the playground equipment.

Seesaw – had to have faith in each other that we wouldn’t let go and knock each other out. Surprised that worked!

At least 15 gazillion million types of jumpy exercisey thingys. Picked out especially for Sam as she loves them so much and is so graceful and was never called an elephant ballerina when she was little.

Lots of fun on the swings. Quite expert swingers it seems.

Lots of giggles and hard work. A perfect end to another fun and sweaty and nonsense filled day on our awesome camp.







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