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The off season adventures of Sam and Flic

Camp Sweat & Nonsense: Day 4


The final day. How has it come around so quickly? Don’t want to go home. Especially as it looks miserable and cold back in Blighty.

So time to swim again today and this time we are going to do it properly. Trisuit up and head down to the beach. Tentative start then we swim out to a buoy that must be at least a mile offshore do four reps between two buoys a minimum of 500m apart and then swim back to shore. Pretty pleased with ourselves. Barefoot run back to the apartment. Struggle out of wet trisuits and really struggle into dry tiny Lycra (change needed for ultimate tanning apparel on our upcoming bike). Sam sees a side of Flic that no friend should really see but after yesterday’s vistas nothing blinds anymore.

Finally squeezed into our Lycra then it’s onto our bikes for today’s set. 20 mins “easy” – its all uphill so there is no real easy. Then as if that wasn’t already hard enough the plan calls for 40 minutes in race mode. That means pushing as hard as you can until you a) vomit b) sweat buckets through your eyelids c) go blind d) dribble uncontrollably or e) all of the above.

Pretty easy then. Erm. Then what should be the fun bit. The descent. But the descents are hard, especially if you don’t have any brake pads left (Flic). But the love for the speed takes over for Flic. Speed + fear + clamped on claws = fun times. For Flic.
Sam, not so much. A little. Maybe.
Back down in just 25 mins. Not as much wind as Thursday so the wind wobbles are controllable. Still a vibrating road though. Not so enjoyable this time.

Then it’s sunbathing and bike packing time. This means finding any wind-free slither of sun we can and lying in it. Oh and lathering yourself up with either Coconut Oil (Flic) or Baby Oil (Sam). There is still a competition going on remember!

Time for more chorizo. Not sure how many we’ve eaten. Wonder if there’s horse in it? Tasty nonetheless.

Sunbathe some more and start thinking about checking out. Please don’t make us go home.

Final session of the day. 45 mins of running. First we deposit our bikes and bags with the lovely Susanne. She looks at us.
“Are you going back to England like that?”
We are in tiny shorts and sports bras.
Er. Maybe.
Run first though.

Somehow it seems we are running back towards the nudest beach. How’d that happen? Oh well. We’ve seen it all now.

15 mins easy. And we actually are running easy for a change. But that’s because we know what’s coming next. 15 mins of sprints. 30 secs hard, 30 secs back into the wind. Love it. Nice to get some speed back. Apart from when we run out of road and start having to do the hard sprints into the wind. Arggghhhh.
Not even any dingle dangles to distract us. Blessing? Maybe.
Then the “cool down” is 15 mins running head first into the beeping wind. Urgh. Won’t be sad to say goodbye to that, but we love it hard so wouldn’t have it any other way really.

Can’t believe that’s it. All over. Maybe a quick five mins more in the sun.
Good job too.
Guy at the airport: “Where were you two staying?”
Us: “El Medano”
Guy: “Remind me to stay there next time. It was only 28 where I was so no tan.”
Us: “Er. It was 22 (minus five with the wind) where we were.”

If there’s one thing we know how to do well. It’s tan.
And sweat.
And do nonsense.



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